Conventionally speaking, high intensity interval training has been hailed to be much more beneficial than most other cardiovascular exercises. While the overall period of HIIT lasts only for about 20 minutes, this technique refers to switching between both high and low intensity exercise during the workout, with the ratio of time divided between these two exercise types as follows. Low intensity: High intensity (2:1)

There is no doubt based on research that HIIT is beneficial, and so here is a list of benefits:

Benefit #1: HIIT doesn’t require too much time

Most experts say that this form of exercise is the most beneficial form of cardio exercise as just doing 2.5 hours of HIIT equals the amount of cardio exercise done in about 10 hours of long distance running. Obviously what one can glean from this is the fact that one can burn fat in a much lesser time than most other cardiovascular activity chosen.

Benefit #2: Burns fat faster

In a study by a Canadian University, subjects were studied to see how much fat was burnt during a two week period when they participated in High Intensity Interval Exercise (HIIT) during this time. The results were compared before and after the period of training, and what was found was that the resting metabolic rate was directly influenced. Interestingly, in comparison to a regular cardio workout, it was found that more fat was burnt by HIIT which continued for another 24 hours as well.

Benefit #3: Increases endurance and stamina

This form of exercise has been known to significantly increase one’s endurance and stamina as it increases the amount of oxygen that one can take in when working out. This aspect is called the VO2 max, and this enables one to perform all sorts of physical activity for a much longer duration.

Benefit #4: Not boring

And most of all, while most cardio workouts tend to become monotonous over a period of time, one lacks the motivation to exercise as the duration is also much longer for normal cardio routines.