In the world of health and fitness, if there’s anything that France has done, it is introducing the sport of free running (also known as ‘Parkour’) which is beginning to gain a lot of popularity and acceptance.

While the objective of ‘parkour’ is to be able to find a path from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible. As this involves negotiating with obstacles, one has to develop a high level of fitness to do so.

So, here is a list of benefits that one can avail of when training using the form of parkour:

Benefit #1: A full-body workout leaving you in great shape

Since everything is about ‘movement’, this involves one having to ‘move’ every part of their body (i.e. cardiovascular exercise), finally resulting in one getting fitter and fitter by the day. Since this also involves negotiating with obstacles, speed and the ability to be ‘water-like’ (a Bruce Lee-ism) while doing so can count for a lot as well.

Benefit #2: Think on your feet

Since this form of exercise involves negotiating obstacles that require one to make choices to very quickly, this results in practice for the mind as well, as it makes one to think on their feet. In turn, with each success that you achieve in negotiating an obstacle, you begin to trust your choices, as instinctive as they might be.

Benefit #3: A can-do attitude that leads to greater confidence

While most people would avoid jumping a fence but finding an easier path around, traceurs would think of the most efficient way by which one can negotiate this obstacle based on the training that he or she has received. And it is this can-do attitude that can lead to greater confidence that can spread to other areas of your lives.