With the release of the new food pyramid, one of the newest features is the quantification of food in the form of portion-control which wasn’t available in the previous version of the food pyramid chart. However, the logic is very simple behind this idea of portion control as too much of even a good thing can have its downsides as well.

So, here are a few other benefits that are associated with portion control as well:

Benefit #1: Eat salads to prevent overeating

Salads are an excellent option before a full meal such as lunch or dinner. Not only will the meal satisfy you but it will prevent you from overeating. Of course, this is not just about eating just lettuce but having a mix of meat and vegetables together as a salad.

Benefit #2: Split up trigger foods and leftovers into single serving portions

When you either store leftovers as in one container or buy a whole packet of snacks, we often tend to lose sight of the amount that we eat, especially if we’re in front of the television. So, in order to avoid this, one can divide both leftovers and snacks into single serving portions so that one does not stuff their faces with too much.

Benefit #3: Make the meat a side-dish

Don’t eat meat as the entrée but instead opt for meals that only include meat as a side-dish. Not only is this well-balanced in terms of nutrition but it also help you reduce on the number of calories per meal as well.

Benefit #4: Order kid-sized meals when you eat out

Since most foods that you eat out (especially at fast food joints) are high in calorific value, it is best to actually order kid-sized meals which will not only cost you less but will also control the amount you are eating.

Benefit #5: Treat yourself once in a whileMost importantly, don’t deprive yourself of foods that you love. In doing this, there will come a point when you will go on a binge to satiate the craving that you have ignored for so long, and this will mean that you are back to square one.