Actually getting to the gym is the hardest part of working out for most fitness hopefuls. No matter what goals we set for ourselves or consequences we hold over our own heads, when it comes time to hit the weight room or the treadmill, we simply cannot muster up the energy. Here to help us all form a habit of making it to the gym, the Pavlok wristband takes the unconventional approach of shocking its wearer when he or she forgets or refuses to go to the gym.

“What would you do with just one extra hour of time each day? Would you start a business, explore your creativity, or just have some 'me' time? The opportunities are endless. But it’s so easy to hit ‘snooze’ and roll over,” Pavlok explained on its website. “Pavlok: Wake Up lets you set an alarm to gently vibrate and wake you up. But, what if you keep hitting the snooze button? Pavlok can deliver just enough of a ‘jolt’ to get you up and running — with adrenaline.”

As Pavlok’s CEO Maneesh Sethi explains, this wearable, habit-forming wristband is not only useful as “a personal coach on your wrist,” it can help us make sure we’re on time for class, business meetings, and any other important event we fear may get overlooked. If you are using Pavlok as your daily gym reminder, make sure you actually make it or you will not only receive a shock, but also be shamed through a Facebook post telling everyone you did not make it to the gym.