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Be honest for a second, and think how much have you thought about your nail file. If you’re, well… like us, then the answer would probably be “not much.” Usually stashed in your purse, cabinet, or somewhere in your room it is easy to forget about the humble nail file.

But, they’re actually more important that we give them credit for, getting the right file matters. With the wrong file or the wrong technique you could be doing more harm than good.

So, what’s the best option? The ClassyLady Professional Glass Nail File.

Made to be extremely durable and basically last you all your life, this professional crystal glass nail file is a premium-type product without a premium price tag. Constructed from glass that’s been hardened during production to make it ultra-durable, this glass nail file is gentle, but firm, on your nails. Nails are made from layers of the protein keratin, while traditional files can damage these layers the ClassyLady file helps to seal them together, promoting healthier, stronger nails. Heck, it even comes with a case.

Life is simply too short for average nails, and the countless users that gave this product a 4.6 out of star rating can attest to that. One for example, noted how using the file helped her grow long nails without any peeling or chipping. There’s also another that praised it for being gentler on her fingers, while one simply said that it does what it’s made for and does it well.

Combine that with 2,000+ positive reviews from top websites and it’s safe to say that we found our top nail file product. Say it with us? Nailed it!

Medically reviewed by Yvonne Stolworthy, MSN, RN