Beth Flickinger's trip to New York City turned out to be less than enjoyable back in October 2008 after a visit to the Toys R Us flagship store in Times Square ended with a 25-lb. candy dispenser falling on top of her.

Almost five years later, Flickinger claims that she still suffers from debilitating headaches, a herniated disk, loss of income, and a diminished sex life as a result of injuries sustained during the incident, NY Daily News reported. The 42-year-old Pennsylvania native is now suing Trade Fixtures, the company that produces the candy dispensers described by Flickinger's attorneys as defective.

The incident that took place on Oct. 26, 2008 occurred as Beth and her two sons James Jr. and Daniel were attempting to get M&Ms from the supposed faulty dispenser. According to her testimony, when Flickinger attempted to reach the candy using the swing-down lever, the entire machine fell on top of her, injuring her head and neck.

"My vision went black for a couple of seconds. All I'm thinking is, [I've] got to catch this thing so it doesn't land on the kids. I remember myself and my boys screaming for help," Flickinger stated last week in court.

Although she did not file a report with the store immediately following the accident, Flickinger was startled when her husband James Sr. noticed a bump on her forehead upon seeing her.

The company's lawyer James Burke argued that no claim was made in the six months following the accident and that no problems have been reported with the 50,000 candy dispensers shipped around the country.

Flickinger reached a settlement with MARS, the company that produces M&Ms, in a separate lawsuit. However, jurors found no sign of negligence on the part of the store's employees in a suit filed against Toys R Us.