Beyoncé’s long-awaited announcement on Good Morning America turned out to be the details of her diet. After her exercise physiologist Marco Borges recommended the plant-based diet, not only did she lose 8 pounds, but she was able to keep it off as well.

It all began on Dec. 3, 2013, when Beyoncé and Jay Z announced they would start a 22-day vegan challenge together, after the power couple entered into a partnership with their trainer Borges for the vegan meal delivery service, “The 22-Day Revolution.” The plant-based diet relies on the theory it takes 21 days to form or break a habit, turning veganism into a lifestyle change instead of just a three-week cleanse.

“I am not a naturally thin woman,” Beyoncé told GMA. “I have curves and I am proud of my curves. I have struggled since a young age with diets, and finding something that actually works and actually keeps the weight off has been difficult for me.”

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Some Beyoncé fans weren’t happy with the hyped GMA announcement, which many speculated would be the release of a studio album or news of a second pregnancy. One fan took to Twitter and wrote, “They had the dramatic music in the Beyoncé /GMA interview commercial and she’s announcing that she only eats grass lmao.”

She’s not just eating grass. Beyoncé admits to bending the rules a little when it comes to her diet; she incorporates a high quantity of vegetables into daily meals. The diet recommends eating three meals a day, choosing plants over processed foods, following the 80-10-10 ratio (80 percent carbohydrates, 10 percent fat, and 10 percent protein), exercising for 30 minutes every day, and drinking plenty of water. In addition to removing all animal products like fish, meat, and dairy from the diet, Borges encourages to also completely cut alcohol intake in order to experience the full effects. Pushing pass 21 days is the trick to forming life-long diets because the brain's pattern-enforcing synapses build pathways, which form habits.

“It’s not about perfection, it’s about progression,” Borges said on TODAY. “We know that we should be eating more vegetables. The problem is the majority of our diet is meat-based products. We try to incorporate more plant-based products, but we don’t know how.”

At first, Beyoncé was apprehensive, fearing she would miss out on celebrations, restaurants, and that she would experience headaches and become irritable from the diet restrictions. But instead, she said her energy naturally increased, she started to sleep better, experienced sustainable weight loss, improved digestion, and clarity. Best of all, she says she has “an incredibly positive feeling for my actions and the effects it would have on those around me and the environment.”