The world has fallen victim to the spread of COVID-19, which has slowed society to a grinding halt. While scientists are hard at work figuring out a vaccine or other cure, the question of "where do we go from here?" has been weighing heavily on many minds. This includes presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, who has provided an answer to the question in an opinion article on The New York Times. In the article, Biden goes in-depth on all the directions he thinks America should take over the coming months.

Biden's first three steps for his recovery plan all focus on continued medical action regarding COVID-19. Basically, the three points boil down to ensuring that Americans have easy access to testing, that every state continues their social distancing policies, and to make sure that hospitals have access to supplies when needed. "Make no mistake: An effective plan to beat the virus is the ultimate answer to how we get our economy back on track," Biden wrote in the article. "So we should stop thinking of the health and economic responses as separate. They are not."

As far as bringing the national economy back online, Biden says it will likely be a series of baby steps instead of one big leap. An example given was that offices and businesses would likely be allowed to reopen first, with larger places like theaters and stadiums having to wait a bit longer.

Biden also mentioned that if he were president, he would talk to industry leaders and officials at OSHA to try and get a better idea on how companies might reorganize to further help speed things up. This includes restaurants being laid out differently to ensure more space between diners or factories where employees have been rearranged so they are further apart from their coworkers.

Biden then closed the article with a slam at the current presidential administration, including President Donald Trump. "As we prepare to reopen America, we have to remember what this crisis has taught us: The administration’s failure to plan, to prepare, to honestly assess and communicate the threat to the nation led to catastrophic results. We cannot repeat those mistakes," Biden wrote. "We know what we have to do. We have the tools, expertise and, now, hard-won experience. The American people have already paid too high a price in illness, death and economic loss. This time, the White House has to get it right."