On Tuesday, pop star Justin Bieber's bus was stopped at the Canadian border entering into the U.S. His bus was found to have marijuana on it — though luckily for Bieber, he wasn't on the bus at the time.

"During a secondary inspection, a police dog alerted authorities to the presence of drugs. Customs officers found and seized a small amount of marijuana intended for personal use and drug paraphernalia," said Kenneth Hammond, public affairs liaison for U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Detroit, in an e-mail to the Detroit Free Press.

The bus driver received a civil penalty, which is a monetary fine.

The Canadian pop sensation has been getting himself into all kinds of trouble. Earlier this month, Bieber angered Chicago Blackhawks fans by standing on their logo and touching the Stanley Cup. Fans retaliated a few weeks later on July 27, when they "stepped" all over his face by using a cut out of Bieber as their logo mat. According to Yahoo Sports, fans were enraged at his lack of respect and wanted to do something to get back at Bieber. "To be quite honest, it started as a joke of revenge, but it's transpired into what we feel is Blackhawk pride, and more so Chicago pride," the fans wrote. "It's all in good fun; we're not hate mongers."

Bieber never apologized to the Blackhawk fans. However, he did apologize to former president Bill Clinton after urinating in public and spraying a framed photo of the president while yelling profanities. Clinton took the high road and accepted the teen's apology. "If that is the worst thing you have ever done, all is well." Clinton said, according to E! News.

Speculations have been made as to what is causing the star to act out. Some believe that his breakup with Selena Gomez has affected him and caused a spark in this disruptive behavior.

"Adolescence is a difficult time as it is but to be Justin Bieber growing up in front of the world is almost impossible without a hiccup or two," said Dr. Phil Dembo, a relationship expert and strategist, to Hollywood Life.