New York police have launched a full investigation after an accident between an SUV and biker left one man — Jeremiah Mieses — paralyzed and ended with a father being attacked by rogue motorcyclists in front of his wife and young daughter.

This past Sunday, 33-year-old Alexian Lien was driving on the Henry Hudson parkway in New York City when he rear-ended a biker in front of him, according to the NY Daily News. When Lien stopped, dozens of motorcyclists allegedly began damaging his SUV. Fearing for his life, Lien hit the gas, striking biker Jeremiah Mieses as he fled.

A group of motorcyclists then followed Lien, seeking revenge. After chasing him off of the parkway, the bikers eventually smashed his car window, pulled him out of the SUV, beat him up, and slashed his face — all while his wife and 2-year-old daughter watched.

Mieses, the 26-year-old biker who Lien hit as he fled, is feared to be paralyzed after the violent turn of events. Both of his legs were broken in the incident.

“My son just got out of surgery. Now we have to contend with his situation that he will never walk again,” Mieses’ father, Edwin Mieses, posted on Facebook.

Police suspect that some of the bikers belong to a gang called the Hollywood Stuntz. The cyclists were allegedly part of an unauthorized ride that was set to begin outside the city and descend upon Times Square with a huge group.

Early Tuesday, police arrested Christopher Cruz, 28, charging him with reckless endangerment, reckless driving, endangering the welfare of a child, and menacing. Police are still looking for others who fled the scene. They do not, however, intend to press charges against Lien.

"This man needs to know he hurt someone," said Mieses’ wife, in reference to Lien's part in the events. "That man paralyzed my husband. He needs to pay for what he did."

Watch how the whole thing unfolded in the video below: