A voluntary recall of select bread products was placed in effect by Bimbo Bakeries USA this past week, including those under the famous Sara Lee brand. The reason? Broken fragments of glass.

On Wednesday, the company issued a press release announcing their decision, which affects as many as 11 states, including Florida, Ohio, and Kentucky, and in addition to Sara Lee, also includes products under the Nature’s Harvest, Kroger, Great Value, and L'Oven Fresh brand. They were compelled to issue the recall after receiving three complaints of having found pieces of glass on the outside of the bread but inside the packaging.

According to the company, the snafu is believed to have been caused by a broken light bulb at one of their bakeries. Thankfully, it appears that there have been no reported injuries from the incident as of yet.

For those wondering if their groceries may contain the contaminated products, the recall only applies to those selected brands with a “Best By” date between August 29 to September 1, and a bakery code of 1658. Additionally, the company has issued a informative guide of the brands involved in the recall, as well as their UPC codes. The bakery code can be found to the left of the “Best By” date and the UPC code is on the bottom right back or bottom of the product.

A guide to the Bimbo Bakeries bread recall. Bimbo Bakeries

All told, the recall will affect 48,000 products. Those who return their glassy-eyed bread to the store they purchased it from will receive a full refund from the Horsham, Pennsylvania-based company. They can also call them 24 hours a day at their hotline, 1-800-984-0989.

Strangely enough, the Bimbo Bakeries recall is the third such one to have occurred this past week. General Mills decided to recall select frozen green bean products after one package tested positive for listeria Wednesday, and the Kraft Heinz Foods Company recalled over two million pounds of their turkey bacon products due to worries of an early spoilage date on Tuesday.