The Bird Poop Facial, Created By Geisha, Is A Natural Way To Heal The Skin

Susan Scutti tried the Geisha or "Poop Facial" at Shizuka in midtown NYC. Probably not your ideal facial, but your skin will thank you. Youtube

Your face is stamped onto passports, licenses, and card keys. With headshots littering the pages of social media, it is your face that will win your next job and make a first impression on your next online date. Speaking to the world from Skype and smartphones, you are parsed into the shape of a screen resulting in a simple portrait of... you guessed it, your face.

Your (over-exposed) face is more you than you. What, then, could be more of a comfort (and luxury) than a facial? 

For those who've never tried one, a whole variety of facials exist, each revealing the character of the aesthetician who created it. One unique example is Shizuka New York's Geisha Facial, more commonly known as the “bird poop facial.” To achieve their flawless complexions, Geisha (in days long past) used a heavy dose of white face powder. Unfortunately, those rich powders contained lead and zinc, which damaged the skin. Searching for a remedy, the Geisha discovered uguisu no fun (nightingale feces). The natural enzymes and guanine in bird poop not only healed the skin but also bestowed a pearly luster.

Watch the video to see Shizuka Bernstein, master-aesthetician and spa owner, demonstrate her signature facial.

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