Arts and crafts retailer Hobby Lobby recently brought to the forefront the subject of contraception after the Supreme Court ruled that the company’s religious beliefs allow it to limit availability of certain contraceptives in its employees’ health insurance plans. For some people, the decision brought to light not only the designation of companies as “humans” but also the fact that there are way more contraceptives available than they thought — from condoms to sponges, and intrauterine devices to morning-after pills. With so many available, it’s surely possible that there will be people who aren’t informed about them.

Unsurprisingly so, the cast of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant is one group of these people. In the video below, they’re quizzed on the basics of contraception (Does a condom expire?) and answer with absurd unawareness. “It’s true, I’m pretty sure,” one girl answers. After her partner asks about how she found out, she responds, “Because I saw it in a movie.”

Why are so many people uneducated about contraception? A major reason may be because they’re taught that abstinence is key. In states like Utah, Arkansas, Indiana, and Texas, abstinence is not only stressed, but the importance of practicing it until marriage is taught as well, according to the Guttmacher Institute. That means that these states aren’t required to teach their kids about birth control, safe sex, sexual orientation, or even sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. Obviously, this leads to a population of adults who are clueless of the risks their sexual behavior poses every night.