It seems that there is nothing you can’t tattoo these days, and that includes your eyeballs. A photo posted by the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office in South Carolina depicting a woman with tattooed eyeballs has gone viral.

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Morgan Joyce Varn, age 24, was arrested in connection with a report of armed robbery, which is how her photo ended up on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. Many commenters were left wondering what was up with the dark eyes and some speculated that Varn was wearing colored contact lenses. However, it was pointed out that she in fact had a tattoo. On her eyeball.

“Believe it or not, eyeball/corneal tattooing is now kind of a "thing" in certain gangs,” the poster wrote. “No SANE tattoo artist will do it as it's very dangerous & can easily result in a horrible infection or even the loss of sight or loss of the entire eye. The MS-13 gang is supposedly very big on this right now. If you search MS-13 in Google Images, you'll see plenty of pix. (I work in media & I'm the founder/pres. of a non-profit that supports our police dept so I read a LOT about crime.)”

Luna Cobra, who is attributed with inventing this modification, known as the sclera tattoo, talked to Yahoo Beauty about the process.

“Yes, this person does have eyeball tattoos,” Cobra told Yahoo. “It is not like a normal tattoo; it is more like an implant of ink in the membrane that covers the white of the eye.”

He also informed the website that a variety of people opt for this tattoo, but that it has become a prison trend. The tattoo is dangerous as the artist says he’s heard of people blinding others attempting the process. He clarifies that none of his clients have been harmed.

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Not only dangerous, the sclera tattoo sounds painful, too. However, it doesn’t appear on Inked magazine’s list of most painful areas to get tattooed, though that may be because of its lack in popularity.

According to the magazine, the most painful areas include the:

T-Zone on your face


Under arm or arm pits.



Ditches in the body, like in the elbow


Hands, with knuckles being particularly painful


Behind the knee

Some have become concerned about tattoo safety following highly publicized reports of scary reactions caused by infections, allergies and sensitivities. These reports have caused the Food and Drug Administration to issue a consumer warning in 2016.

In their statement, the FDA writes, “ Published research has reported that some inks contain pigments used in printer toner or in car paint. FDA has not approved any pigments for injection into the skin for cosmetic purposes.”

However, that doesn’t stop people from inking up. According to the governmental agency, a 2015 poll revealed that 3 out of 10 people had a tattoo.

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