Blue Bell Creameries has expanded its recall on several of its products after three people died in Kansas last Friday upon eating their product. According to Time, this extended recall follows Blue Bell’s suspension of all operations at its Oklahoma production facilities after it was discovered as the site of a deadly form of food poisoning.

The company announced Tuesday, after FDA investigation, that several of its products tested positive for listeria monocytogenes, a potentially fatal bacterium. This form of foodborne bacteria can be found in improperly processed deli meats, or unpasteurized milk products and is particularly dangerous to pregnant women, the elderly, children, and individuals with a weakened immune system. Notably, this form of bacteria can survive refrigeration, and even freezing. Listeria sickens 1,600 people annually within the United States, but can be treated by antibiotics if taken soon after contracting the illness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The recall has been extended to include Blue Bell’s banana pudding ice cream, as well as all pints produced between Feb. 12 and March 27, 2015. These pints will be marked with O, P,Q, R, S, or T at the bottom of the carton. To be safe, the CDC cautions to refrain from consuming any of Blue Bell’s products at this time until the situation has been rectified.

For a more extensive listing of recall items, visit Blue Bell Creameries’ website.