There's no doubt that the COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc worldwide as the death toll continues to rise rapidly despite humans exhausting every way possible to combat the virus. New York, already known as the epicenter of the coronavirus, is currently experiencing the peak of the pandemic.

A hospital in Brooklyn has become the talk of the town because of videos posted online wherein you'll see medical staff loading dead bodies in the back of the truck. These refrigerated vehicles sent by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are one of the many ways that New Yorkers are trying to manage the situation.

Makeshift Morgues Around New York

Due to the increasing deaths in New York, local governments set up several refrigerated trucks outside different hospitals. These trucks serve as temporary, makeshift morgues because of the hospital's inability to accommodate the bodies during this time. A hospital can hold approximately 15 to 20 dead bodies, and the pandemic has produced almost hundreds of casualties in several weeks.

A Wake-Up Call

The nurse who took several photos of body bags inside the truck and posted it online only had one thing in mind: to show the citizens how grim and severe the overall situation is for everyone. Shortly after the photos ended up on the internet, a video that showed the actual loading of bodies in the back of a truck using a forklift surfaced.

The people who chose to post these photos and videos online want everyone to realize that the chaos caused by the COVID-19 is far from the flu. The latter causes approximately a thousand to two thousand deaths, while the coronavirus might cause more than that.

People should start taking this virus seriously and abide by the laws that the government implements. If you know someone who refuses to acknowledge the current situation, take the time to educate them, and lay down all the critical facts since this can help save lives.