Laundry workers stumbled upon a body of a baby boy in hospital linens, reported Minnesota Public Radio, MPR.

The baby's body stumbled out of the sheets during a routine service at a commercial cleaner. The boy, a stillborn estimated at 22 weeks, wore a diaper and tag around his ankle. He was originally placed at the Regions Hospital morgue in St. Paul, Minnesota.

According to the station, the hospital is now being charged of mishandling the baby's body.

''When there's a stillborn, we work very closely with the family, to understand how they would like to handle the remains of the baby," Christine Boese, chief of nursing and vice president of patient care at Regions Hospital, said at press conference. "Sometimes they ask us to take care of that, and other times they take care of that."

The Red Wing commercial laundry had discovered the child among the hospital's morgue linen, Boese added the remains "were inadvertently included."

According to the hospitals records, they handle nearly 2,500 births per year and every month two babies would be stillborn. But this handling of a baby's remains were not followed and the hospital issued apologies and stressed that something went wrong.

"We are taking a lot of steps and actions right now to understand how this did happen," she said. "We are really looking into things right now.''

Authorities from the Red Wing police department said Regions Hospital recovered the baby's body from the commercial cleaning facility before they arrived. However, they're still in the process of contacting the parents of the baby. They estimate the baby's birth date was April 4.

Current investigations have been handed down to the St. Paul Police Department

Nearly one in 160 pregnancies in America are still births, Scientific American reported. Still births occur when the fetus dies in the mother's uterus after 20 weeks or more of development. The issue is still prevalent, although not as high as infant mortality rates.