As you may know, another ridiculous craze has been swarming Internet land recently known as the Belly Button Challenge. Originating on Chinese website, Weibo, the challenge asks participants to reach around their back and try to grab their belly buttons, both to show off small waists and flexible arms. Since the start of the trend, the hashtag #BellyButtonChallenge has received hundreds of millions of hits on social media. Other than the obvious silliness of the trend, many feel this is another incidence of body shaming, as a majority of people realistically cannot complete this challenge.

British lingerie brand Curvy Kate, known to promote body positivity, has countered the Belly Button Challenge with a challenge of their own, one they are calling #Boobsoverbellybuttons. On their blog, Cury Kate is advocating women to post pictures of themselves touching their breasts to promote all body types as well as the importance of breast exams.

“We want to encourage you guys to check your boobs and get to know what normal feels like…rather than doing these ridiculous body-shaming (and downright painful) demonstrations,” says the blog.

Cury Kate has long been partnered with UK charity, Coppafeel! whose mission is to promote breast health, and raise awareness for breast cancer. As a result, representatives from the brand created the hashtag to encourage women to give themselves breast exams, saying “boob-checking message is far more important and worth spending time doing. (Plus who doesn’t like having a good feel of their boobs!).”

The website also includes a link to Coppafeel!’s instructions on self-breast examinations, with a note that double checking with a professional is essential for breast health. Overall, the message proves to be a much more positive one that all women can participate in.