Boston health officials are considering banning the sales of sugary beverages in municipal buildings.

With increasing concerns about the health and weight status of both employees and visitors to government agencies, the city has assembled health, education, and housing leaders to come up with a policy that can to decrease consumption of sugar-sweetened sodas and other beverages.

There are precedents; other cities such as San Francisco and New York already have adopted policies to ban the sales of sugary soft drinks in city buildings via vending machines.

City officials who are aware of restricting the availability of sodas, already banned from the city's school, will face greater confrontation than previous public health causes.

According to the Harvard researchers, women in particular who drink more than two sugar-containing beverages daily had a 40 percent higher change of having heart related disease. However, a spokesman for a national soft drink organization mentioned this policy is an "overly simplistic" way to battle against obesity.