People choose plastic surgery as a way to make themselves better-looking. However, sometimes it goes horribly wrong and, luckily, the biggest disaster someone will face is just a bad breast job, a crooked nose, or a flabby stomach, because in some rare cases, death can occur.

In last week’s episode of E!’s reality show Botched, doctors faced two major cases of aesthetic plastic surgery gone wrong. One woman named Charlotte Olhausen, from California, had a second breast augmentation gone wrong. The first time she got implants, she was 17, and those were saline and sat above the muscle. This caused rippling, so the second physician decided to put in silicone implants, and it caused her breasts to go from a C-cup to a D-cup. Now she’s left with “grandma boobs,” as she calls them.

Doctor Terry Dubrow, one of the two main surgeons on the show, helped Charlotte correct this surgery by making her cup size smaller and lifting her breasts. She left the office in pain, but after a month of recovery, Charlotte was able to fit into the strapless dress she wanted for her sister-in-law's wedding.

The other case gone wrong was a tummy tuck done by a Mexican physician, who instead of using anesthesia for the patient, Desiree White, used two blocks of ice.

White ended up with a giant scar and her pubic area pulled up to where her navel should be. Dr. Dubrow confesses, "I've never seen this before." He ends up giving White the body she had been looking for and she is now able to fit into the swimsuit like she imagined.

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