Think you’re having a bad day? Trust me, this one man’s day has been far worse. The Canadian, who chose to remain anonymous, is currently suing his local hospital after a botched surgery that left his penis significantly shorter and unable to perform sexually for two years. The man claims that his injuries ruined his marriage and caused his “indescribable anguish.”

In July 2011 the patient, who is a paraplegic, sustained an injury to his penis while having sex with his wife. Following the injury, the man was rushed to a Montreal-area hospital where a nurse examined his injury, The Huffington Post reported. According to the lawsuit, the nurse “made a brief visual inspection of the penis without touching it,” Canada’s QMI reported. Based on the nurse’s examination, a urologist diagnosed the man with minor trauma over the telephone. In actuality, the man had sustained a fracture to his penis.

Not long after, the man underwent surgery to correct his injuries. But unfortunately, it ended up making matters worse by leaving a “permanent scar” on his penis. The failed surgery greatly affected his life, causing his wife to leave him after because he was unable to have sex for two years. To make matters worse, not only did the paraplegic lose his wife and the ability to perform sexually, but the surgery also shortened his penis by “about an inch” in length. “This has caused a greater impact on my life than when I lost the use of my legs,” the man told QMI Agency. Now the man wants $150,000 from the hospital for their negligence, QMI reported.

A penis fracture occurs when trauma to an erect penis results in the rupture of lining of one of the two cylinders in the penis, which are responsible for erections. It is usually accompanied by a loud cracking sound and immediate dark bruising on the penis. This type of injury causes the patient a great deal of pain. When left untreated, a penis fracture can result in deformity of the penis or render the patient unable to have or keep an erection. Surgery is usually the best option to treat a penis fracture and 90 percent of men will have no problem having sex following a correct surgical procedure, while five percent will be left with a slight curve post-op.

Unfortunately, botched surgeries are more common than we may be comfortable believing. In December 2013, 150 patients in the UK’s National Health Service reported having procedures gone wrong over a period of only six months. These ranged from having injections administered to the wrong eye to an invasive colonoscopy given to the wrong patient, The Telegraph reported.