Doctors often dare to go where no human being has gone before — each and every time they insert their gloved hand up their patient’s rectum. Rectal foreign bodies are among the most popular yet bizarre emergency room extractions doctors perform. Usually bottles and sex toys are the items that are commonly misplaced. The anus is not limited to the capacity of objects it can accommodate, including animals.

Large foreign objects found in the rectum are assumed to have been inserted through the anus rather than reaching the rectum via the mouth. Although victims have claimed to really slip and fall onto these objects like Frank Costanza landing bottom-first on a pasta figurine in the Seinfeld episode "The Fusilli Jerry,” doctors confirm most objects retrieved were used as part of a sexual act. Many people out of embarrassment or fear avoid seeking medical attention and will attempt to remove the item themselves, according to emedicinehealth. A delay in seeking medical attention can cause symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, fever, and rectal bleeding to arise and make it difficult to remove the lodged object.

Condoms and sex toys are the top culprits of things found in the rectum, but here are some of the oddest things found in the most uncommon of places.

1. 50-cm-Long Eel

50-cm eel found in rectum
Photo courtesy of the journal Surgery. Surgery

Abdominal pain brought a 50-year-old man in to the Accident and Emergency Department in Kwong Wah Hospital in Hong Kong, China. A physical exam revealed the patient had peritonitis, while the abdominal radiograph showed a shadow of an eel, according to the case reported published in the journal Surgery. Upon further questioning, the patient revealed he inserted an eel into the rectum to relieve his constipation, which prompted the ER physician to perform an emergency laparotomy to pull out a 50-cm-long eel.

The eel was found to be biting the splenic flexure of the colon and a 3-cm perforation was found over the anterior wall of the rectum. The patient was discharged home on day seven. The abdomen and pelvic radiography helped doctors in identifying the foreign body in the rectum.

2. Enema With Concrete Mix

Concrete mix found in rectum
Concrete mix found in rectum American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology

A rectal examination found a rock-solid foreign body was both visible and palpable just inside the anal sphincter of a 27-year-old. The case report published in the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology found an unemployed young man injected a liquid adhesive in his rectum using a dual-chambered glue gun, which hardened and became fixed internally. The patient had done this for anal erotic enjoyment.

The doctors did an Internet search using just the company name and the product code number, which led them to an exact photograph of the glue gun and a description of the adhesive. The researchers wrote the product contained 330 milliliters of epoxyacrylate resin, along with dibenzoyl peroxide and styrene in the dual cartridge. The doctors opened the abdomen through a lower midline incision and found the mixture made a cast of the rectum 16 cm long and 300 grams in weight.

3. Deodorant Aerosol Canister

Deodorant found in rectum
Photo courtesy of The Internet Journal of Surgery. The Internet Journal of Surgery

A deodorant aerosol canister was bimanually removed in a 23-year-old single male patient’s rectum after self-insertion. The man arrived at Riyadh Care Hospital in Saudi Arabia complaining of lower abdominal pain. Doctors identified the lodged object in the rectum after a pelvic X-ray ray showed it was just above the sacral curve, according to the case report published in The Internet Journal of Surgery.

The patient did not reveal his reason for self-insertion. The deodorant can was removed bimanually under general anesthesia. The man was discharged on the second day.

4. Empty Glass Bottle

Glass bottle found in rectum
Photo courtesy of the journal Annals of Surgery. Annals of Surgery

A 72-year-old male farmer entered the University of Mississippi Medical Center for the first time with the complaint of “bottle in my rectum.” This purely accidental transanal introduction or penetration was due to the patient’s practice of using a nearby refuse and dumping area to defecate. A break in the wooden limb the patient used to defecate led to the man falling heavily and directly over an empty glass bottle that was deeply embedded in the ground, according to a case report published in the journal Annals of Surgery.

The doctors found the neck of the bottle snapped as the patient was experiencing a great deal of pain and “rolled heavily” to one side. The bottle was contained in the lower rectum with the jagged edge facing the anal phincter. The man, who was described as obese, weighing approximately 225 pounds, remarkably only felt pain during the examination of the anal area.

5. Six-Month Vibrator

Finding sex toys like vibrators stuck up a patient’s rectum in the ER may be common but not being lodged for a period of six months. A case report published in The Medical Journal of Australia found a 64-year-old male had a plastic vibrator successfully removed from his rectum after six months. The patient reportedly endured a world trip with the vibrator making it the “most travelled foreign body” introduced into the rectum, wrote the researchers in 1979.

6. 30 Random Items

A homeless man went to jail and brought with him more items that his rectum could probably hold all at once. In a routine search in a cell block, corrections deputies found part of a condom sticking out of Neil Lansing’s rectum, the Herald-Tribune reported in 2011. The corrections deputies found 17 round blue pills, one cigarette, six matches, one flint, one empty syringe with an eraser over the needle, one lip balm container, one additional unused condom, a receipt from CVS pharmacy and a paper coupon. Lansing faced charges for possessing a drug and tobacco product inside the Sarasota county Jail and was being held without bond.