Continuing with their long tradition of “if it exists in the world, then we should put it in a vending machine,” Japan is now home to the world’s first automated bra dispenser.

Not to be out done by automats with smart cars, ‘freshly’ cut apples, and beer, the Japanese lingerie maker Wacoal installed the bra machine at its Une Nana Cool-branded specialty shop in the Shibuya shopping district in downtown Tokyo

The bra vending machine comes equipped with a size chart plastered on its side with a colorful array of ladies’ undergarments, each costing 2,940 yen, or $30.

“The vending machine’s strength is that you can quickly look at the size chart and buy,” Wacoal’s Shibuya manager told the Japan Daily Press. Wacoal believes this ease of use will be appreciated by customers who don’t want to be fitted by a sale representative.

Although it might be handy during a bra emergency, some women are skeptical about the machine’s practicality.

"An old man probably came up with this idea," wrote one commenter on GirlsChannel, a Japanese site aimed at women, while another argued that there is probably a larger market for leg stockings than bras. One person suggested that male customers who like to wear women’s underwear might be find the biggest benefit from the vending machine.

Better hurry if you want to use it. The bra vending machine will move to Wacoal’s Futako-Tamagawa branch on September 1st, where it will live for a month, but the company has not announced whether it will become a permanent fixture.

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