Brain Dead US Woman Gives Birth to Twins

Christine Bolden (26), declared ‘brain dead’ since March, has given birth to twins at a Michigan Hospital.

According to media reports, she went into a coma in March when two aneurysms present in her brain since birth, burst.

She was put on life support till April as doctors tried to rescue her twins.

Danielle Bolden, Christine’s aunt, said that it was difficult to keep her alive while trying to save the children.

It’s hard,” said Danielle, welling up in tears. ‘Real hard’. (Wood TV8)

She said that Christine was walking with her boyfriend and her three year old son when she fell to the ground on March 6.( reports Daily Mail)

The family grieved her death and even printed obituaries after she was declared ‘brain dead’ by the doctors.

But their ordeal was far from over as they had to keep Christine on life-support to save the twins.

“We used to rub on her belly and talk to the babies,” said Ms Bolden.

Christine’s rising blood pressure threatened the twins’ survival. The family then had to make a tough call to take the babies out.

‘Christine’s grandmother told them not to ‘numb her’ because maybe when they cut her (for the C-section) she would have felt that, and woke up saying,’ wait a minute I can feel that! What is you all doing to me!’ But it didn’t happen,’ Ms Bolden WOODTV8.

The twins were born on April 17 and are named Alexander and Nicholas.

Daily mail has reported that the hospital is keeping a careful eye on the boys, keeping them in neonatal intensive care unit as they fight for their lives. The boys were only about six inches long; Nicholas weighed only one pound, nine ounces and Alexander only one pound, five ounces.

“Once they were born and they wheeled them past us, everybody was anxious looking,” Danielle said. “It was hard. It was hard knowing that the babies would be born and she wasn’t coming home afterwards.”

“I can’t wait to be able to touch them and pick them up and tell them all about their mother and give them so much love”, Christine’s brother Vance Terrell said. “They’re so precious”.

Christine’s miraculous delivery isn’t an isolated case

In 2001 Chastity Cooper was able to carry her baby to full-term after being involved in a car accident. At the time if the accident, Cooper was only two weeks pregnant. (The Inquisitor)

In 2005, Susan Torres made headline news all over the world when she gave birth to a baby girl while in a coma along with stage IV malignant melanoma. She too was kept on life support system.

The family has set up an account at 5/3 Bank under Christine Bolden’s name for anyone who would like to help the family.