A 20-minute brawl erupted among amputees and then the crowd during an amputee soccer match on Monday between Belgium and the Netherlands.

In the first match ever between the two clubs, held in Belgium, a one-legged Belgian player tripped an opposing one-legged player in front of the goal, with the score tied 3-3. In video footage captured by Belgian news channel VTM Nieuws, the Belgian defended the goal by grabbing the Dutch player's only leg, causing him to fall to the ground with his crutches flying into the air.

Within seconds, other players joined the fight — rather than separating the two — as the brawl became increasingly larger and more violent. One-legged players kicked one another while leaning on crutches, throwing punches too. In the video, only the Belgian goalkeeper kept a distance from the fighting, as members of the crowd run onto the field.

While both goalkeepers had two legs, all of the other players were one-legged. During the fight, the Belgian goalkeeper circled the combatants while holding a towel in his only hand, watching. Afterward, Marnix Huys, one of the Belgian amputee players, said that he felt "the game went well despite the clashes."

"'I felt we were doing well. A couple of beginner's mistakes, but all in all we had reason to be happy."