Many websites and blogs will be turning pink in October as they celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which marks its 25th year of awareness.

The Breast Cancer Family Foundation is preparing themselves for the events they have planned in the upcoming month and spreading awareness year round.

Breast cancer affects one out of 8 women. The American Cancer Society estimates in 2010 about 207,090 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed.

A mammography, despite not being perfect, is still our best tool for early detection and successful treatment of this disease.

The American Cancer Society suggests women 40 years old and above should schedule an annual mammogram. October 15 is National Mammography Day.

October 15 is National Mammography Day, and the Office of Student Life will have a Call Your Mama display set up. This is a way to help remind students and the women in their lives about scheduling their annual mammogram appointments.

Women are encourages to be aware of their breast health by understanding the risks and continue to follow existing recommendations for routine screenings