Needless to say, Doreta Norris was apprehensive about her impending double mastectomy like most women who undergo surgery to have both of their breasts removed. To help alleviate some of the anxiety she was feeling in regard to the upcoming operation, Norris decided to perform a quick dance recital to the tune of “Gangnam Style” while surrounded by the staff at Piedmont Henry Hospital in Georgia before walking through the doors of the operating room.

“I stepped out of my room and found hospital staff and doctors lining both sides of the hall,” Norris said in a statement released by Piedmont Healthcare. “I heard the music playing and began to dance. It was an emotional dance. Staff came up to hug me, dance with me and give me words of encouragement. I truly felt like I could conquer the world.”

Norris’ harrowing journey began in November 2013 when doctors at Piedmont Henry discovered a “worrisome spot” on her right breast during a mammogram. When the hospital’s breast surgeon, Dr. Scott Timert, recommended that Norris remove her right breast, she decided to have both of them removed to prevent a second operation. Before undergoing her double mastectomy, the 52-year-old mother chose to make a trip to Texas to visit her ailing mother-in-law.

While waiting in the airport, she saw a video of another breast cancer patient who dealt with the fear she was experiencing over her operation by dancing. When the time finally came for Norris to go under the knife, she informed her nurse Brooke Galimore she wanted to bust out a couple of moves on her way to the operating room. Glimore and the rest of the staff at Piedmont Henry graciously complied and even got into the impromptu party. Today, Norris is cancer-free and looks forward to many more days of dancing with her husband and children.

“The hospital staff could have given me medications, wheeled me into the operating room on a stretcher and that would be that,” Norris added. “But the staff at Piedmont Henry cared about me, acknowledged my struggle and helped me overcome a difficult time.”