It seems like every time you turn around there is some new wacky trend — oftentimes it involves teens. A new one called “bubbling” is when boys urinate into their mouths. Yes, you read that correctly. They urinate into their own mouths.

It originally started as a dare between Australian skaters, but now, it's a growing trend. A guy was photographed urinating in his own mouth at a Trash Talk show in Melbourne, according to VICE. In an interview, with the alleged “bubbling” guy, Troy West a.k.a. Skategypsy, he said it is huge in Australia and it’s part of their everyday lives.

“I was on tour in Austria, and this other skater, Frido, asked me if I would drink my own piss for $136. So I explained that it's common practice in Oz, and I did it right there and then, and then again later by some lake in Italy. It took Frido a few days to master the art, though — he had a weak flow,” West told VICE.

But is the consumption of urine, known as urophagia, a dangerous thing to do? It’s not a recent occurrence. Drinking urine has been used in various cultures for health, healing, and other benefits since ancient times.

Health consequences do exist, however. According to Popular Science, drinking urine can dehydrate you more. “Think about it like drinking ocean water," said Jeff Giullian, a nephrologist (kidney doctor) at South Denver Nephrology Associates in Colorado. "It's going to dehydrate you and do significantly more harm than good."

Helen Andrews of the British Dietetic Association told The Independent that “there are no health benefits to drinking your own urine, and in fact I think it could be quite detrimental. Each time you put it back, it will come out again even more concentrated and that is not good for health as it could damage the gut."

Urine, while it might not be safe to ingest, can help fight other body issues. Some anecdotal evidence shows that urine can help to kill certain bacteria like foot fungus. Also the American Cancer Society cites that urotherapy has been promoted to reverse the spread of many diseases including cancer. And while no well-controlled studies provide substantial scientific evidence, they do say that urine might help to stimulate the body’s immune system. Thus, making a greater number of antibodies, which will increase the capacity to kill tumor cells.