Starting Sept. 1, Burger King will be offering its new French Fry Burger for $1 to customers around the country. At 360 calories and 19 grams of fat, this cheap and readily available fast-food menu option could spell trouble for carnivores trying to slim their waistline.

Capitalizing on the simple idea of stuffing one of the fast food chains' burger patty inside of a bun with four French fries, Burger King hopes to compete with McDonalds’ affordable Dollar Menu, the Associated Press reported.

The French Fry Burger is only one of the items set to be featured on Burger King’s upcoming fall menu. The menu will also include the Chicken Parmesan Sandwich and Buffalo Chicken Strips.

“At BURGER KING® each season, we look to provide our guests with something new as well as bringing back old favorites. This fall, we have a perfect combination of both," Eric Hirschhorn, chief marketing officer for Burger King in North America, said in a statement. "We are reintroducing the Chicken Parmesan Sandwich – back by very popular guest demand and simultaneously sharing new twists on American classics with our French Fry Burger."

“What’s more American than burgers and fries? Since the introduction of our World Famous WHOPPER® sandwich in 1957, we’ve seen our guests putting fries on our burgers and with that insight in mind the French Fry Burger was created – a perfect pairing of the two – at a great price.”

Just last month, the McDouble from McDonald’s was dubbed “the cheapest, most nutritious, and bountiful food that has ever existed in human history” by Stephen Dubner, co-author of best-selling book Freakonomics.

At 390 calories and 19 grams of fast, the McDouble could be dethroned of its title due to the 30-calorie difference offered by the French Fry Burger.