Amidst the calm day in a preschool in Northern California came terror when an inmate who escaped rushed to a door, pointed a gun at the teacher’s head, the owner of the preschool said, Tuesday.

Identified to be Maurice Ainsworth, this inmate was reported to have stolen a deputy’s gun as he overpowered her while attempting to reshackle this inmate at a hospital in Santa Cruz, said one of the authorities.

This incident occurred at the Secret Garden Too preschool while the teacher (who is unidentified) was playing autoharp while being watched by three infants, mentioned Cathy LaTorre, school owner.

With this, a parent held her infant while another instructor rushed to the back to call 911, LaTorre said.

Meanwhile, the gunman insisted for the car keys of the teacher and attempted to flee using the car parked near the school. However, the anti-theft device inhibited him from doing so.

There were around 30 students at that point. No one got hurt.

It so happened that Deputy Cathy Bramanti was accompanying Ainsworth from Dominican Hospital, about 11:30 AM, when he fled, stated the Sentinel.

This inmate, 275 pounds, 6 feet, 7 inches, managed to punch the veteran in the face for several times, shoot her in her ear (through a Stun gun), and bite her finger brutally. This caused her lacerations, said Sheriff Dan Campos, sheriff of Santa Cruz County.

Afterwards, Ainsworth took hold of Bramanti’s gun, fired yet missed on hitting a lady bystander trying to assist the deputy while he hurried to the school.

Now, while in a press conference, Phil Wowak, Sheriff, termed the visit of Ainsworth a “ruse” and at the same time, complemented on the bravery of Bramanti.

According to Wowak, Bramanti is now recovering and that he’ll be reviewing the policy concerning transporting inmates.

During the manhunt, foot patrols as well as air units were involved, occurring late this Monday as the inmate was found in a vacant home and then captured once more.

Deputies have an inkling that he took in medications at one of those houses he went into, reported the newspaper. They were not sure if tried to commit suicide, stated Wowak.

Ainsworth was put to jail due to home invasion robbery.