Mary Ann Manning wanted only what most mothers look forward to in their child’s life — to dance at his or her wedding. Being bound to a wheelchair due to a terminal breast cancer diagnosis, Manning’s hope for a slow dance at her son’s wedding had seemed to dwindle in the past couple of months, leading up to the Sept. 5 wedding date. Three days before her death on Sept. 8, Manning was able to muster up all of her strength to join her son on the dance floor to the all too fitting tune of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

"It was very special," Manning’s son Ryan told KUTV. “I think that everybody kind of realized what they were seeing and what they were seeing was an incredibly strong woman doing a magnificent thing. A miracle. There is absolutely no doubt that that woman, a very strong woman, fought incredibly hard to get to that point."

A video uploaded to YouTube by Manning’s daughter Kristie shows Manning up on her feet dancing with her son only a few months after being confined to a wheelchair and finding out she had very little time to live. Although it’s hard to tell from the footage, there’s no denying the lack of dry eyes at the wedding reception. When Manning passed away three days later, above all, her three children were left with an everlasting memory of their mother’s strength and courage that supersedes the condition her illness left her in.

“Mary Ann Manning lost her battle with breast cancer just 3 days after this dance,” Kristie wrote in the video description. “She held on with all her might to give her son this last gift. It's really the epitome of a mother's love. She now joins her other baby boy, who passed four years ago, in heaven.”