Calvin Johnson, wide receiver for Detroit Lions, set NFL's record for receiving yards in 2012. But what's more astonishing is that he did it with three broken fingers.

"Calvin Johnson confirmed that he played with broken fingers last season. Said he's been trying to straighten them out. No offseason surgery," Chris McCosky of The Detroit News tweeted.

Johnson reportedly played most of last season's games with his fingers taped and is unsure when he broke them. In addition, he said he sustained nerve damage from the hard plays against Minnesota Vikings last September that could have changed his grip on the ball, a claim which remains debatable as the Lions denied it.

"The thing with a lot of football players, if you have injuries, unless you know about it, you just think it's something that's hurting, so you just keep on playing," Johnson told reporters.

Johnson beat Jerry Rice's record when he caught 122 passes in 1,964 yards and five touchdowns.

He also was present at all 16 games even with his left knee and ankles injured.

"I don't blame any drops or anything like that on it. It's just part of the game and had a heck of a season with it and just fortunate to be in that position," he told reporters, according to the Detroit Free Press.