The Japanese have come up with a bizarre solution to the embarrassing problem of gynecomastia, better known by its more colloquial moniker, man boobs. The Floral Goodnight Bra, known in Japanese as the Kahei Oyasumi Bra, promises to help men reverse the effects of gravity while they sleep.

In the scope of industrialized countries battling against the bulge, Japan is far from losing the fight. Although any rates for overweight citizens are a reflection of a national health risk, in Japan only 32 percent of men are classified as being “overweight,” compared to 65 percent of Englishmen and a whopping 71 percent of American men. Still, the island nation is home to a product whose main clientele are the overweight.

To be fair, not all cases of male breasts are caused by excess body fat. Clinical gynecomastia is the result of a hormonal imbalance, either elevated levels of estrogen or lowered levels of testosterone, Men’s Health reported. Men suffering from this condition should consult a doctor who will most likely be able to come up with a solution. For men who experience breasts as a result of increased fat storage, the only way to get rid of these without going under the knife is, (I’m sure you have already guessed this) diet and exercise.

Kaku Nishoka, who sells the floral bra in shades of pink, yellow, and lime green at his Tokyo shop, told The Mirror that male pectoral muscles are at the same risk at female’s at eventually being stretched out and left out of shape. "A man who wears this bra to bed at night will find everything is held firmly in place and looking good the next day." If you’re interested in purchasing the Floral Goodnight Bra, regardless of the complete lack of empirical proof that it does anything other than make you look like a man in woman’s lingerie, you can buy the matching bra and panty set for around $30.