When the zombie apocalypse occurs, hopefully you'll know what to do. At least you'll know CPR.

In honor of Halloween, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has put out a public service announcement seeking to boost awareness of the technique and proper timing of CPR. The Hollywood-quality video, called The Undeading, is directed by Vincenzo Natali, who previously wrote and directed the 2009 horror movie Splice.

The commercial features a woman seeking to outmaneuver zombies during the apocalypse. After successfully fighting off one, she finds herself cornered by a swarm of the undead. Overwhelmed, she collapses from cardiac arrest. Just when it seems like the zombies are going to feast, one dials 911 (but who is monitoring the call center in this post-apocalyptic world?) and the other locks her hands together and performs CPR. The announcement instructs people to "push hard and fast about twice every second; you can do no harm." Not scared yet? The title card at the end says "CPR makes you undead."

In about 95 percent of cases of people suffering from cardiac arrest outside of the hospital, CPR is necessary in order to resuscitate the person. Unfortunately, the public is often unaware of CPR techniques, or are concerned that their attempts to help the person will actually harm him or her. The campaign aims to spread awareness and to debunk myths - necessary because only 5 percent of people who suffer from cardiac arrest outside the hospital survive.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada will run the campaign for the entire month. It is also hosting life-saving events throughout the month. And the organization will attempt to break the World Record for the largest CPR training session with 10,000 people. The initiative is also partnered with Toronto's Zombie Walk. The walk is attended by thousands and will raise awareness for the non-profit organization.

In case you were wondering, the still-alive one succumbs to the zombies after they resuscitate her. I guess they like their meat fresh.

The video can be found below.