Dog lover and beer brewer Daniel Keeton of Bed, Oregon loves serving beer to human customers at Boneyard Brewery, the place where he works. He decided to combine his two interests and created a beer for dogs.

The new dog brew, Dawg Grog, is non-alcoholic and Keeton says that his pet Lola Jane loves it and usually licks her bowl clean, according to Associated Press.

The special dog beer is made up of a mixture of ingredients like low-sodium vegetable broth, water, glucosamine and spent grain from Boneyard Brewery.

After years of planning, beer-and-dog-lover Keeton finally launched his company Dawg Grog over the summer, and now the special canine brew is available to all dog owners who want to let their pets try out the liquid treat.

Keeton says that Dawg Grog is good for canines and that dogs can't seem to get enough of it.

"Bend is a dog-loving community and a beer-loving community," Keeton told the New York Daily News. "I wanted to marry those two together in some way."

"After a couple of years of trying recipes I came up with one that I am really happy with, and one that my dog is really happy with," Keeton said.

The non-alcoholic beer comes in 16-ounce amber-tinted bottles titled "Dawg Grog". The bottles of dog beer, or more like fancy dog soup, are sold locally at the Visit Bend visiting center and at a pet-washing center in Bend called Muddy Paw's.

A six-packs of 16 ounce Dawg Grog is also available on the company website for $36.

"Initially, people have to look at the label twice," Visit Bend CEO Doug LaPlaca said, according to KTVZ in Oregon. "Then they ask us, 'Is this really for dogs?'"