Last year, in a post for blogger Christopher Wark, a woman named Lindsey from Capetown, South Africa explained how she used cannabis oil to overcome her battle with colon cancer. In an updated post just yesterday, Lindsey said that she will spend the rest of her life telling patients about the benefits of cannabis oil and how it can help them to stay alive.

“This story is written for those who are suffering with cancer, or those who have friends with cancer," wrote Lindsey. “It’s about not believing blindly what people tell you about your body.”

Lindsey’s statements are not what they may seem, though. She is not saying that the cannabis oil cured her cancer. In fact, she’s making no assertions about the drug’s actual healing effects. Instead, she’s saying that cannabis oil helped her alleviate the pain associated with having and, in most cases, treating cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer- and chemotherapy-related side effects include pain, fatigue, nausea, nerve changes, hair loss, depression, and gastrointestinal issues to name a few. The combination of these could prove to be too much to handle for some patients. A 2008 study found that cancer patients in the U.S. were almost two times more likely to commit suicide than individuals in the general population.

Lindsey is no stranger to pain so grave that it causes desperation. She detailed her experience in the post. “By March/April – I was well on my way to being a morphine addict – I was in pain, I felt like I was dying,” she wrote.

Though she previously thought that her cancer was successfully reversed through cannabis use in September 2012, a surgery revealed that Lindsey had what doctors thought was an aggressive adenocarcinoma in her pelvis. They told her that the cancer was in stage four and that she only had a 40 percent chance of surviving.

It’s hard to believe (extremely hard to believe), but Lindsey says that what doctors thought was stage four cancer was actually a fistula — for which she had surgery a couple of weeks ago. She is using cannabis oil to help her recover.

“The operation was risky, it might have not worked, but it did, and I’m 20 days post op. I’m back on the cannabis oil and feeling fabulous!” wrote Lindsey. “My aggressive cancer is gone…the same cancer that was supposed kill me in months. I am alive today because of the oil, and I will spend the rest of my life helping other people to stay alive too.”

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