Many of us know what cannabis (especially THC) can do to our brains if taken in excess. But what effect does cannabis exactly have on our muscles?

It’s a question athletes ask more than any of us. And that’s because they’re worried about whether cannabis will drop their testosterone levels (as some studies suggest) or if it won’t have any effect on testosterone at all.

Studies have shown there is a measurable increase in the level of hormonal change from cannabis consumption. A boost in testosterone levels with the use of cannabis should leave one feeling more energized and ready to go through long hours of exhausting training. All of this increases muscle growth as well.

A study investigated men that took part in an intensive resistance training program. The study's aim was to find out if a change in the levels of testosterone after training is necessary to muscle growth.

Two results were to be expected from the study. First, participants with the highest amounts of testosterone would build muscle weight after training. Second, participants with low testosterone levels will gain the least muscle mass.

Surprisingly, researchers found only a small difference between muscle gain and testosterone. This finding led to a conclusion that cannabis intake might not influence testosterone levels directly.

Cannabis does, however, trigger other body processes to maintain appropriate testosterone levels. This also means boosting one’s testosterone levels might be the key to adding muscle mass.

As for its effects on our body, cannabis can boost muscle growth, improve appetite (also referred to as getting the munchies), enhance performance, gain weight and provide pain relief, among others. And it’s been proven cannabis can aid in recovery after exercise.

We should bear in mind that exercise leads to damage of muscles, which then triggers muscle growth. Imbibing cannabis allows a person to reduce damage to his muscles and promotes quick recovery. And this, of course, translates into the growth of more muscles.

Some athletes use THC in moderate doses to reach a higher level of creativity and enhance their focus. However, doctors caution that it’s vital not to overdose cannabis to build muscle growth.

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