It’s the sort of thing that seems ripe for a Snopes debunking — cannabis tampons — but nope! They’re 100 percent real.

Earlier this January, Foria announced the rollout of their latest product, Foria Relief: A suppository that can be inserted into either your vagina or rectum. The product, made out of cocoa butter and the two main active ingredients of cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol, is intended as pain relief for menstrual cramps, though it also supposedly works wonders for your lower back pain.

For those curious, if understandably wary, about Foria’s nifty item, here are some basic facts to know.

The Logic Is Sound, If Untested

It’s fair to say that Foria Relief hasn’t undergone a rigorous amount of randomized and controlled clinical trials to test out its claims. But cannabis is already being researched and used by many patients for its benefits in relieving pain.

"We know that cannabis does help pain. We do see a lot of patients with dysmenorrhea [painful menstrual periods],” Dr. Morton Barke, a retired gynecologist and medical director of a medical marijuana evaluation center in California, told Racked earlier this January. “It’s a fantastic modality to help patients.”

And because the cannabis is directly reaching the bloodstream through the vagina as opposed to being ingested or smoked, its pain-relieving powers should theoretically be even more potent than usual.

Aside from that…

The Reviews Are Great

Here’s writer Gabrielle Korn in Nylon Magazine this past April, detailing her first experience trying out the tampon.

“It took about forty-five minutes of laying in the fetal position before I realized that my suffering had gradually subsided. I sat up, in wonderment. Instead of stabbing pain, I felt a weird sense of tranquility, like my uterus had done some deep breathing exercises.”

And really, women everywhere have praised Foria Relief, saying it made them feel “serene” while lasting for much longer than traditional pain relief options like OTC pills.

It Won’t Make You High...Probably

Foria makes it clear that its product shouldn’t elicit the same sort of high experienced by marijuana users.

That said, Korn and others have commented on feeling “extra giggly” and more relaxed than they ordinarily would — Korn even said it made sex with her partner all the better! And since THC is the part of pot that creates the tell-tale high, it is technically possible. Not to mention, Foria’s entry into the consumer world was in developing a women-centric sex lube similarly made out of cannabis, and they do market an anal suppository made for explicit foreplay.

Unfortunately, the very physics of THC work against the idea of vaginal highs. According to an interview Tim Drennan, Foria’s Director or Product Development, held with Racked, THC molecules are simply too big to be absorbed by the vagina while still having psychoactive properties. So while it might certainly help with your cramps, the pleasant feelings from using Foria Relief might be more of a placebo effect than anything else.

It’s Hard To Get

For those eager to try it out, there’s bad news. Right now, Foria Relief can be legally sold only in two states — Colorado and California — and only to state residents who obtain a doctor’s note or medical marijuana card. It also fetches a hefty price tag at $44 for a four-pack.

Still, if you’re in the right location and you’re hankering to dump the Midol for something better, it certainly seems worth a shot.