Recent report on caregivers helping cancer victims show that their job can get more demanding and complicated, when dealing with war veterans recuperating from cancer treatments. The reason is that most of these veterans also suffer from service-connected illnesses or disabilities, which make them more angry and explosive, and also depressive. This also makes the job of the caregiver utterly frustrating, and they in turn can suffer from depression.

Some 462 caregivers of veterans were interviewed online; where 30 percent had been doing this for over a decade and 68 percent found the job highly stressful. They also found it physically very demanding. This study was done to show that traumatic brain injuries are not contemporaries but are suffered by vets who have served in Vietnam and earlier.

The study was commissioned by National Alliance for Caregiving and the United Health Foundation. This is aimed at improving the training program for the caregivers, mentoring programs and support groups, online and offline which will connect the caregivers with others in similar situations. It will also provide legal advisory to help the families deal with such issues.