It's time to kick the creams, the expensive beauty treatments, and gym membership for cellulite removal to the curb. Cellulite — the appearance of dimpled skin on the lower parts of the body — plagues 90 percent of women who are thin or heavy, says Discovery Health. This cosmetic issue causes women to spend up to $12 million a year on cellulite treatments that range from creams to laser surgery that will open temporarily reduce the appearance of the "orange peel." Cellulite is not a permanent visibility that will haunt your skin; the appearance of ripples, bumps, and dimples on your thighs, hips, and buttocks can be immediately stopped on its tracks with proper care. You can show off your lower body in shorts, skirts, and even a bikini without a trace of cellulite with just 22 minutes a day for less than a month of Joey Atlas's Symulast Plan.

Cellulite is not a skin problem

To tackle cellulite successfully, it is important to know why you have cellulite and most importantly, what it is. The "cottage cheese" or "orange peel" on your body is not a skin problem, it has to do with the muscles in your body. Joey Atlas, M.S. personal trainer and creator of the Symulast Method, affirms that the muscle layer located below the subcutaneous fat and beneath the skin's surface is where the cellulite reduction takes place. The muscle layers act as a support system for the fat that allows your body to move and function properly. However, when the supportive muscles are not actively stimulated, they become either saggy or flabby.

Cellulite forms because of muscle atrophy

When the muscle layer in the body becomes too soft and not toned, your epidermis and the subcutaneous fat will also become soft and unequally distributed due to muscle atrophy. Disuse atrophy is the result of the lack of physical activity due to relatively low muscle usage, says Medline Plus. This condition commonly happens to people who have desk jobs, remain seated for long periods of time, and have conditions that impair movement.

Lower body exercises effectively remove cellulite

In the Symulast Method, a series of targeted lower-body exercises are designed to tackle areas where cellulite is most likely to occur. Atlas's method is not to build more muscle — like most gym routines focus on — but instead concentrate on toning of the lower body. No expensive gym or exercise equipment is necessary for this workout regimen because your own body weight acts as the resistance, which means you can do this 22-minute daily workout from the comfort of your own home.

Atlas claims that his method will tighten, lift, and smooth your buttocks and upper thighs with just three floor exercises.

Dubbed as the "#1 Move Kills Cellulite - For Good," the Symulast Method can help you tone the 90 muscles located on your lower body to smooth and tighten problem areas susceptible to cellulite.

Remember in order to combat cellulite effectively, Atlas has three critical principles:

1) You must know why you have cellulite and what it is.

2) You must know what makes it worse

3) You must know the only proven way to get rid of it.

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