Ladies, it's almost August — the hottest, sweatiest month of the year — and maybe you're ready to break out that cute skirt, but are worried about that unspoken curse of summerwear: 'chub rub,' or chafing between the thighs.

Well, Bandelettes could be the answer for you. The $15 lace underwear is a hybrid between a garter and boxer shorts and may provide an ideal solution for leg chafing.

Lilli Pascuzzi, a blogger for the Guardian, believes it is "something of a revelation" for those who have been using powders, lotions, and bike shorts to battle their chub rub.

"I recently bought two pairs, one in black and one in nude. I wore them religiously for two very hot and muggy weeks in New York, and I've come to the conclusion that they're the closest thing to the perfect cure for thigh chafing as it's possible to get right now," she said.

Ever wonder why chafing is so bad during the sweaty, summer months? Sweating is a natural exfoliant, given that water opens your pores as it travels from your body's tissues to the surface of your skin. In addition, sweat helps to wash away the dead skin cells that coat the outer most layer of skin: the epidermis. Areas where sweat tends to collect — between the legs or armpits — are thus prone to having more skin being wiped away.

This is especially a problem for people with hyperhidrosis, a medical condition — affecting two to three percent of the population — that is defined by excessive sweating even when the temperature isn't hot.