Mother Shares Child Safety Warning About Dangers Of Twin Side-By-Side Cribs

It took Alison Johnson a while to get over what she saw earlier this month, but she has decided to take her harrowing experience and spin it into a precautionary tale for all parents. Soon after putting her twins Caleb and Libby in their cribs for a nap, she was startled by the sound of her crying son. She ran back into their room and found a real-life nightmare: Caleb had climbed out of his crib and gotten his head stuck in the 6-inch opening created by the two cribs, which stood right next to each other.

Side-By-Side Cribs Mother shares her story to show parents the dangers associated with side-by-side cribs. Facebook

Crib safety has become an important aspect of parenting. Just recently, researchers from the Journal of Pediatrics revealed how many fatalities are attributed to crib bumpers — soft crib liners used to prevent toddlers from injuring themselves. Yet, a total of 48 crib bumper-related deaths and 146 incidents involving a child who was nearly choked, suffocated, or strangled to death were reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) between 1985 and 2012.

Johnson said that she and her husband had taken several precautionary measures to childproof their home to coincide with the arrival of Caleb and Libby. Although she is happy to put this terrifying incident in her rear view, she thought it was prudent that she share her experience with other parents. Today, Caleb and Libby’s cribs stand on opposite sides of the room with no other pieces of furniture nearby.

"I've received hundreds of notes from other twin parents thanking me because their nurseries were set up the exact same way," Johnson told TODAY. "They all said it was something they would never think of."

When it comes to child safety, cribs should be scrutinized heavily because so much can happen when you put your child down for a nap. CPSC recommends there be no gaps larger than two fingers between the sides of the crib and the mattress; that pillows, thick blankets, and other items capable of causing suffocation never be placed inside your infant’s crib during naptime; and that you never place your infant’s crib near a window with curtain cords or telephone wires, because they can pose a strangulation risk.


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