A new father was shot in the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin this morning after he fled police officers who showed him a warrant for his arrest. The father, who was carrying a gun, entered the Milwaukee-area pediatric hospital to visit his baby in the neonatal unit. After police showed him his outstanding drug and firearm charges, the man put his baby down and fled. In the chase, he threatened police with his gun and they responded with open fire, wounding him in the wrist, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke told Chicago Tribune.

The baby and the mother are unharmed and no injuries were incurred, Clarke told Chicago Tribune. The man was taken into custody. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel identified the suspect as Ashanti Hendricks, 22, who was visiting a baby in the Newborn Progressive Care Unit. Wanted for possession of a firearm, he was shot in one of his wrists that same newspaper reported.

The shooting occurred a minute before noon, central time, the Chicago Tribune reports. After the incident dozens of police vehicles were parked outside the pediatric hospital, which remained on lock down for an hour until the inspection was complete. "The situation has been contained,” the hospital tweeted. “The hospital building itself remains locked down until law enforcement issues a complete all-clear. There is no danger to patients, families or employees. Operations have resumed as normal."

"This is not a situation where a guy came in to shoot somebody," Clarke told New York Daily News and other reporters on the scene.