A hospital in China is introducing a sperm extractor to help men who have infertility problems.

The hands-free device has an adaptable massager that can be adjusted according to the person's height.

A website that's selling the machine for $2,800 says "it can give patients very comfortable feeling."

The machine can be used by men who have fertility issues and can't donate sperms in the old fashioned way, says Zhu Guoxin, director of the urology department at the Zhengzhou Central Hospital.

The machine is pink, blue and gray colored and the user can adjust temperature, amplitude, frequency and speed. The machine has a display screen and a surround sound system, Chinahush reported.

The sperm extractor has been introduced in Nanjing, China. According to media reports, the entry about the sperm extractor on weibo.com has gone viral.

Machine not for sperm donation

Though the weibo entry says that the extractor can be used for sperm donation, Zhu Guoxin has said that the machine is not for sperm donation but will be used by infertility patients, according to Chinahush.

"When male infertility patient come for treatment, we must first fully inspect the sperm which requires sperm extraction. This machine is only recommended for patients that had difficulty retrieving perms, user must use a condom, but lubricant and chemicals on condoms will affect the accuracy of the test results," Zhu was quoted as saying by Chinahush.

"Perhaps netizens misunderstood the usage of the machine, and thought it was used for sperm donation. In fact, sperm bank has very high standards; donors must go through strict medical examination and they will definitely not use a sperm extractor," Zhu said, Chinahush reports.

Some websites already have variants of the sperm extractor on sale.