Whether you watch the Super Bowl for the game, or watch for the ads, this Sunday there will be two battles fought on and off the field at MetLife Stadium. The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks will fight to be Super Bowl XLVIII champions, but the U.S. best-selling Greek yogurt competitors — Chobani and Dannon Oikos — will go head-to-head to win the “Yogurt Wars” with their Super Bowl campaigns. In the battle for the tastiest, most rich and creamy, and healthiest, which yogurt mogul will win?

With Greek yogurt becoming more popular than ever, Chobani and Dannon Oikos both hope their pricey Super Bowl time slot will generate revenue for the rest of the year. Chobani’s first Super Bowl ad will promote the brand’s Greek yogurt as the “healthy, all-natural choice,” featuring swarming bears terrifying customers at a small-town country store called Howard’s, Bloomberg Businessweek reported. The ad, produced by the New York agency Droga5, will air during the Super Bowl’s third quarter. Although Chobani would not disclose how much they spent for the time slot, ads for Super Bowl XLVIII are going for approximately $4 million per 30 seconds, according to Forbes magazine.

The tagline for the bear invasion “Ransacked” ad “#howmatters” is being used as part of a marketing strategy to get consumers to focus on how food is made. Chobani’s Super Bowl ad comes just in time after the Greek yogurt brand was under heat last year with a product recall in September due to an unpleasant aftertaste, fizzing of cups, and a rancid smell. Chobani’s thorough investigation revealed the common complaints were a result of products contaminated with Mucor circinelloides — a type of mold that is commonly found in the dairy environment. Common complaints of illness included: cramps, headaches, diarrhea, nausea, and other stomach issues. Overall, there were a total of 223 complaints associated with moldy yogurts from the Greek yogurt brand.

At the end of December, Whole Foods announced it will no longer sell Chobani yogurt, with speculation growing that the company wants to move toward disclosure of all genetically modified (GM) ingredients. The Washington Post reported Chobani uses milk from cows that eat GM corn and soybeans. GM foods are known to create unpredicted allergies, toxins, antibiotic resistant diseases, and nutritional problems.

Dannon Oikos, the nation’s top competitor for Greek yogurt, has decided to use Greek-American TV star John Stamos as the face of their brand for this year’s Super Bowl . The commercial is set to feature the actor alongside his Full House co-stars Bob Saget and Dave Coulier to step in when things get steamy between Stamos and a lady friend. The “bromance” campaign called “Spill” has gained over a million views on YouTube in just two days, Business Insider reported.

There are two varieties of Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt: fat-free and traditional. The fat free variety comes in 11 sweetened varieties and a plain version. The traditional Greek yogurt, which is not fat-free, comes in seven sweetened varieties. All varieties of Greek yogurt give you about 15 percent of your calcium requirement, assuming you eat a 2,000 calorie diet.

When it comes to nonfat plain yogurt, a 6 oz. yogurt of Chobani has 100 calories, while Dannon Oikos has 80 calories. However, Chobani has 20 percent calcium, while Dannon Oikos has 15 percent.

Chobani Super Bowl XLVIII Ad

Dannon Oikos Super Bowl XLVIII Ad