What’s in a name? It’s a question that every parent has to face. But naming your child can have serious and long-lasting effects, and research has shown that it can influence everything from how successful the child may become, to their future popularity.

A professor at UCLA categorized the success of a name based on four main categories: whether it was viewed as being ethical and caring, fun and popular, successful, and whether it was viewed as masculine or feminine. The catch is, a name can score high in some of these categories, but fail miserably in others.

For example, the same professor found that a teacher may mark the same essay higher if a student has a more intelligent-sounding name. On the other hand, voters are more likely to nominate beauty queens with more attractive feminine names. Even more, going for a name that has cultural roots may also backfire. For example, employers are more likely to favor job applications from candidates with more traditional white names than “black-sounding” names, even when the applications are identical in every other way.

In addition, picking a unique name for your child could also have consequences. Several studies have shown children with unusual names tended to fare worse academically and were less popular than their other classmates in elementary school, The New York Times reported. In college, these kids were more likely to flunk out or become “psychoneurotic.” Later on in life, prospective bosses were also more likely to look past their resumes based on nothing more than not recognizing their names.

Overwhelmed yet? Luckily, there are services that can make it easier for you to pick the right name for your child. One Swiss company promises to pick the ideal moniker for your little one for the hefty price of $29,000.

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