Chris Perez, 28, Cleveland Indians’ closer, was found guilty on Sept. 3 for marijuana possession, after police were notified by the postal service of a weed package sent to Brody Baum, the family dog, reports

Two packages containing approximately one-third of a pound of marijuana were sent from Los Angeles to the Perez household in Cleveland, addressed to Brody Baum in early June. The weed package was discovered by a postal supervisor who smelled the weed and called a postal inspector who opened the package, resealed it, and delivered it to the home, reports Melanie Perez, Chris's wife, confirmed that the mail packages were for the dog after an undercover police officer who posed as a delivery man approached her.

“Authorities say Melanie Perez, whose maiden name is Baum, told the undercover officer delivering the packages that they were intended for her dog, named Brody. The package was addressed to Brody Baum,” the Associated Press reports.

Prior to the charges, the Perez couple was out for lunch and a movie, and left their children with a babysitter, only to return and find the police searching inside their house. The Indians’ closer was cooperative with the authorities, as he "volunteered to direct the officers to the location" of the drugs when asked. The police seized the pot, two pipes, a bong, and other drug paraphernalia that was found in the basement kitchen.

Originally, the couple's attorneys faxed their not-guilty pleas on June 10 — in response to misdemeanor marijuana possession charges — to the Rocky River Municipal Court with a request to drop the requirement that the couple appear in person for their arraignment, said CBS Sports. In court on Sept. 3, Chris withdrew his plea and was convicted of misdemeanor drug possession.

In the state of Ohio, since 2012, possessing 100 grams or less of marijuana is considered to be a minor misdemeanor and can result in a $150 fine as well as a six-month driver’s license suspension that can be increased up to five years, according to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Municipal Judge Brian Hagan sentenced Chris with a $250 fine and a year of probation while completing MLB’s drug treatment program. Chris will also have to present a 15- to 20-minute talk to students at Rocky River High School in Cleveland to talk about the dangers of drugs.

"You're highly regarded, kids look up to you," said Hagan. "But you made a big mistake. I hope that through your efforts you can deter someone else from making that same mistake."

Chris's wife has entered a plea to minor drug possession. If a drug test shows that her hair follicles are clean, she will only have to pay a $50 fine and will not be required to serve probation, said City Prosecutor Michael O'Shea, reports