Chuck Muncie, a former running back for the New Orleans Saints, died after suffering a heart attack on Tuesday. He was 60.

Between 1976 and 1980, Muncie was the Saints' running back after being their first-draft pick. He moved on to the San Diego Chargers from 1980 to 1984, where his games ended after officials tested him positive for cocaine abuse.

After a failed comeback in 1985 with the Minnesota Vikings, he faced an 18-month jail sentence in 1989 for selling cocaine.

Following his time in prison, he decided to become a counselor for adults and kids who faced similar drug addiction problems and founded the Chuck Muncie Youth Foundation. His efforts reached out and mentored kids in camp and schools, even provided school, employment, and immunization assistance for those battling addiction.

Muncie is known for his memorable season in 1981 with the Chargers, where he led the NFL with 19 touchdowns. He was selected the Most Valuable Player for the 1979 season with the Saints.

In a 2008 interview, Muncie told The Los Angeles Times he began using drugs in college, but admitted it was a different time that lacked education on drug abuse. His departure from the NFL and drug dependence eventually led him to deep involvement in community service.

"Everything I did and everything I went through in my life has allowed me to do the things I'm doing now. I've been able to tell these guys, 'Been there, done that, and if you keep doing these things, this is what's going to happen,'" he said.