Drinking alcohol throughout your college years is common, and so are alcohol-induced behaviors such as wetting the bed and throwing up, according to a recent survey conducted of college students.

When we consume alcohol, the choices we make may seem great, but we often regret them the next day, and it turns out college students are no different. According to the survey conducted by Project Know, 56 percent of college students have done something regrettable while drinking; 60 percent engaged in sexual activity; 38 percent have driven while drunk; and 29 percent have been injured.

If you made it back to your bed alone, you might think you’re in the clear for the night, right? Think again. Over 18 percent of college students have thrown up in bed and 10 percent have wet the bed because they were so intoxicated.

In order to gain a better understanding of how alcohol use affects students, the creative team at Project Know conducted a survey in August that was completed by 1,407 college students in the United States aged 18 to 23; of these, 84 were freshman, 260 were sophomores, 338 were juniors and 433 were seniors. The remaining 292 participants marked themselves as either “graduates students” or “other.”

From those surveyed, nearly 90 percent had consumed alcohol. Within this percentage, 72 percent played drinking games, 63 percent consumed alcohol during the day and 53 percent drank more than two alcoholic drinks on a given weekday.

This survey found drinking is most common during your first and final year of college, each for different reasons. For freshman, they drink to help themselves “fit in” and because they are more likely to succumb to peer pressure. Of the four years at college, freshman were most likely to drive while drunk or ride with a drunk driver, throw up after drinking and engage in sexual activity while under the influence.

On the other hand, seniors were most likely to integrate drinking during daytime hours. If they choose to normalize this into their lives and begin to binge drink, this can possibly lead to an alcohol addiction.

Additionally, drinking while in college can adversely affect your academic progress. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), nearly 25 percent of college students have had their schoolwork suffer from drinking, including not attending classes, falling behind in classes, bad grades on tests and papers and poor grades overall.

If you need help for an alcohol problem, visit NCADD to learn about your options.

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