Kristin Hopkins, a 43-year-old single mother of four, was missing for five days before she was rescued by firefighters from the North-West Fire Protection District in Park County, Colo., on May 4. Hopkins was reported missing on April 29 after she was involved in a car wreck that left her trapped inside of her vehicle. Unfortunately due to the extent of the injuries she suffered as a result of her accident, doctors at St. Anthony’s Central Hospital in Lakewood were forced to amputate both of her feet.

According to members of the North-West Fire Protection District, Hopkins’ car was found upside down and mangled in a steep embankment off of Highway 285. A fellow motorist, who stopped to take photos of the picturesque landscape, came across the wreckage and notified authorities after seeing what appeared to be a body trapped inside of the vehicle. Emergency responders found the mother still alive in her vehicle but waning in and out of consciousness.

Hopkins placed her hand on the window to let her rescuers know she was still alive as one of the responding firefighters attempted to break the window of the car. Firefighters also discovered what appeared to be torn up pieces of an umbrella with a note that read, “Please help doors won’t open.”

Hopkins is still listed under critical but stable condition at St. Anthony’s after going without food or water for several days. In addition to her external wounds, she was also suffering from extreme dehydration and internal injuries.

“We sincerely appreciate all the thoughts, prayers and kind gestures from the community during such a trying time for our family," read a statement released by Hopkins’ family. “We want to first thank the gentleman that found Kristin's car and his quick response in getting her help. We want to thank all of the Park County first responder's that rescued Kristin from her car and were able to get her transported to St. Anthony's hospital for the much needed medical attention.”